So, what is a Sea Hawker anyway?

Sea Hawkers - (SEE hawk-erz) n. pl. The most passionate, hardcore, devoted, cheer-crazy, raisin' the roof, no life during football season havin' fans on earth!!!

Our purpose is to have fun while supporting the Seahawks players and organization, and support various local charities. We are a volunteer organization run by and for Seahawks fans - fans like you!

Privleges of Membership

Annual dues are $16.00 for individuals and $26.00 for families of two or more (up to 4 total).

Privileges of Membership:
Blue and Green Membership card that identifies you as one of the family
Monthly club meetings and get-togethers to "Talk Hawks"
Access to Sea Hawkers "tailgate zone" in Touchdown City prior to all home games
Draft Day celebration
Annual All-Club Banquet
Annual All Club Picnic/BBQ
Great opportunities to help in your local community and with charity events

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Enter Chapter name "Kitsap Seahawkers"